Non-Registered​ - Savings Plan


RRSP - Registered Retirement Savings Plan

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RESP - Registered Education Savings Plan

RRSP accounts are designed to hold SAVINGS & INVESTMENT assets.  Contributions to RRSP

accounts are deductible from your total income reducing income tax payable within the

contribution year. Income including Interest, Dividends and Capital gains will not be taxed 

while remaining within the account. 

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  1. Portfolio Management

  1. Insurance Planning

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  1. Education Savings


Funds held within a LIRA account will usually only become available or "un-locked upon the holders retirement. The LIRA account may be federally or provincially registered at the time of transfer from the company pension plan to the LIRA/LRSP.

A RRIF is a Tax-Diferred retirement plan that individuals use to generate income from a RRSP account. Taking advantage of savings created allowing periodical withdrawls and still accumulating tax-sheltered income. 

RRIF - Registered Retirement Income Fund

  1. ​​Retirement Planning

  1. Tax Planning

  1. Business Planning

Annuities allow for continued payments over time to insure that expenses are paid throughout your lifetime.  Converting savings accounts into a fixed income paid out on a consistent basis. ie; monthly, quarterly, yearly. ect... 

TFSA provides an account with tax benefit savings. Income, Dividends and Gains earned in this account are NOT taxed. Even withdrawls are tax-exempt. TFSA's may

include mixed cash, mutual fund, stocks, bonds and GIC's as investments. 

LIRA - Locked-In Retirement Account 

When you have maxed out contributions to accounts such as your RRSP, a non-registered plan will allow for the accumulation of savings for any goal; trips, car, vacation or just an extra float to keep for emergencies. 

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LIF - Life Income Fund 

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TFSA - Tax Free Savings Account

RESP accounts are specifically designed as a savings tool for a Dependents Post-Secondary education cost. The funds will grow tax-free within the account. 

Acting as a tool associated with a LIRA account, allowing periodic withdrawls. Savings accumulated in a pension fund create income during retirement, up-to a maximum amount.