Rubinstein Financial appreciates that your needs are unique and your goals differ from others for many reasons. We guide you through a process that helps us determine the one and only financial plan for you. By understanding ….


  1. ​​Retirement Planning

  1. Tax Planning

  1. Business Planning

Protect Save and Grow

The Personal Approach to Planning


  1. ​Investment Strategies

  1. Risk Management

  1. Education Savings
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What type of services to expect from Rubinstein Financial

  1. ​Estate Planning

  1. Portfolio Management

  1. Insurance Planning
  • Your personal level of expertise, 
  • Your desired level of involvement,
  • Your goals (building personal wealth vs. supporting others vs. ensuring you never run out of money)
  • How can we save you money on taxes and tax planning
  • Risk tolerance – safe or riskier higher growth plans
  • Life’s turning point

​We aim to take away any fear that you associate with investing, making you comfortable and creating peace of mind by understanding EXACTLY what ideas and goals are most important to you. After meeting with you and undergoing a personalized consultation you will have a clear understanding of how the products work and potential outcomes of the investment plan, tax minimization, retirement / estate plan and finally a clear implementation strategy. All clients have unique spending habits and this creates a broad outcome of circumstances including debt, assets, income and expenses. In many cases people are unaware of where the disposable income is going and thus preventing you from accumulating savings.

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Rubinstein Financial Management Inc.

  • Understand what matters most to you……
  • Investigate your top investment priorities
  • Help you navigate to Financial Freedom
  • Understand what matters most to you……
  • Investigate your top investment priorities
  • Help you navigate to Financial Freedom

Ready to explore new possibilities…
Please contact Rubinstein Financial at your convenience for an initial consultation. We’ll work with you one on one to determine a roadmap to success. We look forward to working with you soon.​​
Rubinstein financial provides financial advice and we are compensated in a variety of ways…

  • Investment management fee / based on assets under management 
  • Commission imbedded in investment / insurance products
  • Commission paid when new investments are purchased 

Your initial meeting with us will be at our expense helping us identify your objectives.  We will outline our services explaining the various types of compensation that are available to you.